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"I came to see Sean with a pain in my shoulder. During the session Sean helped me to see and let go of work stress that I was holding onto! I have since changed jobs and the pain has gone! Sean was really supportive and gave me the space to see and feel."

  -  J H


"Sean is a very skilled and talented therapist. I experienced a very strong journey into my body and a release of some strong emotional and physical tensions. This was my first experience of crania-sacral therapy : I was surprised at the intensity of the experience and the depth of relaxation with such gentle and light touch."

  -  F B


 "Doing cranio sacral with Sean was a very special experience. Sean is present and focused, yet very gentle. From a place of profound stillness, something shifted in my relationship to my physicality on a very subtle level. Something happens in those session which is hard to convey in words, so do try it and see for yourself. Highly recommended!"

  -  K H 










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