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I discovered Craniosacral Therapy and found it to be profoundly healing for me personally. After some years I decided to train to become a practitioner and I completed my training in 2009 at the College of Craniosacral Therapy in London. Since then I have been working in private practice, also in London.


As I continued my journey as a bodyworker I moved on to train in Somatic Experiencing, a body centred approach to working with trauma. I completed this training in 2018.  Somatic Experiencing has reframed and deepened how i work and how I see our unfolding processes. 


I am committed to becoming more consciously embodied. After many years practicing various forms including Tai Chi, Jiu-Jitsu and japanese sword I now primarily practice Shadow Yoga.
I am also a committed zen practitioner and train with several zen teachers. I have found Zen training to be profoundly transformational and continue to practice, going deeper into this tradition of wisdom and compassion. I also run a regular sitting groups and support others in their Zen practice. 

I come from a background of involvement in sustainable food production in a community setting. I have worked in various London-based projects involving small scale, organic and sustainable food production.  I also have a passion for honeybees and sustainable bee-keeping. I have trained conventionally, bio-dynamically and sustainably and have delivered numerous courses and lectures on the subject. I am involved in the sustainable management of several apiaries in London. I continue to be inspired by honeybees and regularly teach courses and give lectures on Sustainable Beekeeping.

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